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Eves Lament

You are the forbidden fruit I am Eve Our friends have been split into serpents or saviors I oftentimes finds myself wondering of your flavor Are you something I could savor? Though I would never put you in a pantry and save you for later

I mean- I’m tryna save ya I’ll go through seven days of pain for ya If you can guarantee that on the eight day, You’ll pick me up at eight and we’ll run away

The garden of Eden is vast and fruitful Yet my mind finds you way more beautiful So why can’t I have you?

Why can’t you be mine alone? Why must I halve you? And share you with all of those Other people that we both know Are non factors that will never know

What we could have What we would have If I just took a bite A leap into the known A leap into your arms If that puts me in harms Way, so be it Cause I want to know

I may need to realize that I don’t got no damn clothes on.

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