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Kiss Me

kiss me sloppy

kiss me like you’ve been starved

kiss me like you’re my lover fresh from war

kiss me like you know the world is ending

kiss me like you’ve been looking for me for seven years

kiss me like you never want us to be so upset with eachother that we wouldnt get to kiss like this

kiss me like you’re trying to ruin me

kiss me like this kiss will build rome and collapse it with our movement

kiss me like youve never found lips so fitting, so deserving of yours

kiss me like theres wine in the ridges of my lips and you need to taste more

kiss me stupid

kiss me purple

kiss me so deep the sight of us could blush cupid

kiss me whirlwind

kiss me eye of the storm

kiss me like it’s illegal

kiss me like we’re lovers war-torn

kiss me like you’ve been thinking about it for thirty days straight

kiss me revival

kiss me like this kiss is dependent on our survival

kiss me like you need me

kiss me like you’ve been meaning to since you met me

kiss me,

because i want you to.

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