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i think you should know

i don’t think bout you no more

at least that’s what i tell myself

and my friends

but honestly i’m trying my best

you sneak in my weak moments

and it makes sense

you was like the prequel to my first love

that i still haven’t experienced yet

realized all my standards human decency

realized i really got no standards

gotta find that before i fall for anything

but i’m so lonely i’m on tinder swiping right on everything

gotta find love before i end up spiraling

feeling like 19 might be the new 53

feeling like there might be

no ‘you’ for me

so how can i think of a you and me

i’m still writing the eulogy for the younger me

the one that let you get away with stupid things

in hopes that it would all work out in the end

and here i am.

in the end of our end

still second guessing

still questioning

still waiting

for anything

for a glimmer of hope

for you to tell the truth

or a lie

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