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Loves Fool

When did I become loves fool?

When did I trade in my sense of self for senseless selflessness?

Since when,

Was I so willing to give the responsibility of my heart

to unwilling participants?

It must’ve happened while I was asleep.

This charm of loves potential that I am


So enchanted with

So enamored with

I have completely lost myself.

All that I am, completely tossed aside

Because I've followed the scent trail of loves pie


What am I to be if not loved?

Who am I to be if not a giver of love?

What will become of me,

if I am not a haver of love?

Only fools attempt to grasp love like

It is some strange mirage

Like love is something you can work towards

Like love is a mountain you climb

And not all the times you trip during the trek.

Like love is not the view that makes the bruises seem worthwhile

Only fools believe love is something you must search for

Like it is missing.

Like we might be the first to discover it.

Like love is not in the food you consume and the food you deny yourself.

Like love is not thousands of years our senior

Like inhaling is not a thousand acts of love

And blinking a thousand more

No more!

The nonsense ends now

Hereby forth,

I become something entirely new,

no longer a loving fool!

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