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see, what had happened was….

what do you think did it?

it wasn’t what you think it was.

it was the bemusement on your face.

the passion dripping from your voice as you spoke

it was your arm movement: smooth, and solid like mercury.

the love you showed in that moment.

it made me curious.

it made me hungry.

would you one day speak of me in that manner too?

be eager for a future with me?


i hope you dont think it was something that you did.

unfortunately, im too fearful to wait

so instead i found a way out

like a little mouse, skillfully avoiding what appeared to me as a trap

i ran.

and im too ashamed to run back.

i will,

hopefully soon

defeat the dragon that slithers in the tower where my courage sleeps

and run to you gallantly.

i hope you receive me well.

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