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Silence equals violence.

Whispers are torture.

Talking is suicide

Shouting- murder.

There is violence every time I see you.

A serene kind of chaos, I kind of like it

I can tell you do too

So we don’t say anything.

Both of us equally complacent

With the riots in our minds when we see each others faces

I mean

What would I even say to you

“God damn baby, God was extra careful when making you”

That is suicide.

Which I'm too much of a coward to actually commit to

But hey, lets not make this about my commitment issues

Back to our violence,

Oh sweet, painful silence

Just keep staring at me babe

I’ll stare back at you forever

Amidst the violence between us

There is hope that we’ll get together

I’m having suicidal thoughts

But at the same time i feel much better

Thoughts of you make me feel all warm like I’m wearing a carefully stitched sweater

Just knowing you like me too is starting to become insufficient

But I’m too scared that if I say something about it you’ll start acting all different

Is this sickness or just sickening?

Because I can’t tell the difference

This mutual infatuation is starting to reach its limits

There’s a sense of urgency between us but we’re both acting serene

I can’t tell whether or not I’m waiting for you or you’re waiting on me

Silence is violence

Violence leads to pain

But love is the rainbow that comes after the rain

Can we stand firm in it?

Or will these feelings wash away

Leaving nothing but broken heartedness as the remains

I'm too scared to see the end

I can tell you are too

So we don’t say anything


We let our silence do the talking.

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