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The Dance I Know

you dont dance the dance i know

so i dont know how to follow you

if i do,

will you lead me to destruction?

if you take a new path,

i wont mind so much

you dont dance the dance i know

your pace is stride but your steps narrow

your feet move like the ground was meant to meet them

your eyes know where to look

what you’re searching for, do you see it in me?

you don’t dance the dance i know

Its not a fox trot,

not a tango,

but somewhere where they might meet.

something more cool and low tempo

it gives me fever still

but distant

the temperatures rising in a room we’ve yet to unlock

you dont dance the dance i know

i wonder-

do you have two left feet?

are you used to being led?

or do you simply not care?

is this one dance of many to you?

am i simply your dance partner

for this song

while you eye the next?

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