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what i'd prefer

It could go two ways.

Logistically, I understand it can go way more ways than just two,

That there are an infinite amount of ways that this could possibly end up end uping-

But for my sake, if no one else,

It could go two ways.

Neither are what I’d prefer

I’d prefer it if you call me

If you told me that you couldn't stop thinking about me

If your unexplainable absence was because of how much space I was consuming in your prefrontal cortex

You've never said to me that you think of me

You never had to before.

Do you want me to leave you alone?

I’d prefer it if you told me outright

It wouldn't be the first time I was let down

I wouldn't ever count on it being the last

If you are planning on letting me down,

I’d prefer you do it gently

I don’t think you noticed, but I'm more parts porcelain than girl

More fragile than anyone ever gives me credit for.

Is there, not a more adult way to overcome this impasse?

I'd prefer it if we both could just say what's on our hearts.

Speak candidly, so that there will be no room for doubt

No room for false hope

No reason for either of us to stay if we don't have to.

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